The HARIO project started on a whim to get back into motorcycles after many years without a bike. She began her life as a ‘82 Virago XV750. I found her on Craigslist in the winter of 2014, sitting in a dark, surprisingly dry Seattle garage. The owner was a collector, with a half dozen other dusty cruisers that hadn't been started or ridden in ten years.


I disassembled the bike in a matter of days with a pure focus of cleaning her up, making a few minor additions and getting her on the road in time for some spring riding.


Pipe dream.


My passion for customizing (read OCD) begins to emerge. A simple fork upgrade turns into a full GXSR swap.The tired 750 powerplant gives way to a refreshed low-mileage 920 mptor. The basic tube subframe transforms into an elaborate, CAD designed, CNC'd, aluminum platform. Electrical updating quickly evolves into a full blown, hand-crafted wiring loom built around a solid-state heart. My engenious solution to a swingarm swap - a custom, extended drive shaft - shears at 50mph on my second shakedown ride - Build it again!


Fast forward to fall 2018. The project's moved from my basement, to the garage, to an actual fab shop I've been able to secure to feed my passion. I spent four years designing, consulting, crafting, cutting, grinding, dropping F bombs, and fist pumping to bring this beauty to life. 


Much thanks to:

Glenn McCarthy - Shilshole Fabricators and Craig Ackermann, Johnny Bianchi - Industrial Space Seattle, Colin Stevens and Cyclefab, Seattle Heat Treaters, Standard Gear Manufacturing, Cognito Moto, Revivial Cycles, RMC Powdercoating, and Fluid Suspension Science.

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